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The TraQCentral Race-Day Communications and Management System consists of two tightly integrated components; the Mobile Apps & the cloud-based Command Center. The mobile app is utilized by both support personnel (i.e. SAG) and event participants (i.e. Riders, Runners, Road Racers). The Command Center is where all event data is centralized for easy viewing, proactive communication and event logistics management. Utilizing the same technology as first-responders, it is also where incidents (requests for assistance) are received, dispatched to SAG, tracked and managed through successful completion.

On event day, there are a lot of moving parts. Things happen quickly and usually in bunches. TraQCentral provides race promoters the tools to manage it all from a single system. It helps to organize, streamline and minimize race-day work and processes.

The integrated TraQCentral System components include the…

  • Participant Mobile App
  • Support Personnel Mobile App
  • Cloud-Based Command Center

Participant Mobile App

The TraQCentral mobile app is all about elevating the participants overall experience and safety.
A superior experience is delivered through a simple & direct connection with event organizers and support personnel. Situational awareness and location-based communications can provide meaningful and useful information throughout the event.
When a participant requires assistance or emergency response, help is just a click away. The tracking data provided to event managers guarantees a rapid & accurate response.

Features & Functions Include:

Request Assistance

With a simple click of a button, participants can request assistance.  Organizers are immediately notified, dispatch support to the exact location and track progress until resolution.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive system wide, location specific and even personal messages from organizers.  Messaging could be about anything, including schedule changes, road conditions or weather. 

Share Your Progress

Share your progress with friends and family by sending them a tracking link via text, email or social media.  The personalized web page displays the route(s) and monitors your progress with up-to-the-minute location. 

Event & Route Info

A variety of event information can be accessed within the mobile app.  By default, it displays the route(s) and your current location.  It can also  include event schedules and its physical footprint.

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Support Personnel Mobile App

Though the main function of the Volunteer mobile app is Incident assignment & tracking by support personnel(i.e. SAG), there are a number of Volunteer Coordination features. 

Features & Functions Include:

Incident Response & Tracking

Participant requests for assistance are assigned to key support personnel and tracked until tagged as completed.  The app displays the route(s), the exact location of the participant and guides them to that location.

Check-in / Check-out

Key staff and volunteers are assigned responsibilities with associated tracking codes. They can check-in/check-out by login/logout through the app or simply text a Y/N to the system.  System displays their current status and tracks time for reporting. 

Task Assignment

Ad-Hoc or User-Defined tasks can be created and assigned to key staff or volunteers in the system.  They include a title with instructions, are assigned a timer and are tracked through completion. 

Cloud-Based Command Center

This is the heart of the TraQCentral system.  Its innovative features provide the tools event organizers and race promoters need to deliver the highest level of safety while elevating the participant and volunteer overall experience. 

Race Management Features & Functions Include:

Incident Dispatch
 and Tracking

Received incidents are reviewed and assigned to the nearest available resource (individual or group).  Command Center displays location of participant and support personnel, tracking the incident through successful completion. 

Participant Lists and Information

System maintains two lists of participants.  The first is system generated by participant app registration and login.  The second is an imported list of participants with all associated information, including emergency contacts.

Interactive Maps and  Filters

Interactive map displays and can be filtered by Route, Mile Markers, Participants, and Mobile & Stationary Resources.  View only what you need at any given moment.  Map can also be used to locate a specific participant.

Location Based Communications

Event organizers can create and send a variety of location based messages to participants.  For example, you might send a road condition alert when a participant is within 100 meters of the hazard or a thank you at the finish line.

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